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In the highly-competitive Early Years sector, it has never been more important to keep your business one step ahead.
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New furniture from Community Playthings significantly improves your Nursery’s image and staff morale. The natural, real wood products not only demonstrate sustainability but are also designed to exceed their 15-year warranty. Parents will be assured by the quality and safety on offer and as the Nursery Owner you will be assured by the knowledge that all of the equipment is made right here in the UK and has undergone rigorous and exhaustive testing to make sure it not only complies with, but surpasses all Health and Safety standards.

So you already know what furniture you need and your next question is “how do I pay for it?”. Leasing is the answer!

Simple, sensible, cost-effective
System Rentals have been providing leasing solutions since 1987 and have constantly strived to provide a great service in a world where some business owners feel that finance companies are too “arm’s-length” and impersonal; we are refreshingly different! We have been the preferred leasing partner for Community Playthings since 2015 and in that time have helped dozens of nurseries, large, small and everything in between and as a result have a simply unparalleled understanding of your sector. We offer competitive finance solutions to help all Nurseries achieve their full potential and have a team dedicated to the Early Years sector. As a small independent firm we are flexible and here to listen!

Many nurseries that we helped when they first started have returned to us in future years. We have many customers that started with one Setting and we have been there for them as they have grown and expanded their business.

So……why Lease?
When you need new furniture there are generally TWO ways to acquire it: spend your own cash or borrow someone else’s. If you borrow, there are several options including dipping into, or extending, your business overdraft or getting a loan from a bank.

Should I pay cash?
It makes little sense to sink hard-earned cash into equipment that will ultimately depreciate. Leasing allows you to have your cake and eat it, giving all the benefits of new furniture while holding on to your cash for other uses.

Should I go to the bank?
Your bank may be a slightly cheaper option BUT loans and overdrafts are usually secured by charges over your company’s assets. Seeking to extend your borrowing through your bank may result in a full review of your facilities. If you have a sensible alternative to the bank you should use it – leaving any additional bank borrowing in reserve.

Leasing – the ideal solution!
Leasing is a quick and simple way of getting hold of the furniture you need while leaving your cash untouched and your banking lines ready for unexpected calls on cash flow. Once you’ve spent your cash or used your bank facilities on furniture you run the risk of exposing your bus
iness to a lack of working capital – and wishing you had used leasing instead!

How the benefits stack up...


  • Your rental is fixed for the term of the agreement no matter what happens with bank rates your rental stays the same. As other costs increase around you, your lease rental will not.


  • Leasing is flexible. Unlike banks we pay far less attention to WHAT you need the funding for and far more attention on WHY you need it and how it will help your business!

  • Tax allowable. Leasing is an operating expense and the full rental you pay can be offset against tax. Your accountant will be able to advise to what degree your business will benefit.

  • No deposit. You only start paying rentals after your equipment has been delivered.

  • No VAT payment upfront. As your Nursery is not registered for VAT you will of course have to pay an additional 20% for goods that you purchase outright and that money comes straight off your bottom line! With a lease, you simply pay VAT on each monthly rental, making it far more affordable and manageable on your cashflow.

Interested in finding out more? We like talking to our customers so please don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 7777 003 or get in touch via our contact form.


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